PMC Youth Command"Empower, Unite, Revolutionize:Youth for Change"

PMC Youth Command"Empower, Unite, Revolutionize:Youth for Change"


Welcome to PMC Youth Command

PMC Youth Command is the dynamic and dedicated youth wing of the Peoples Movement for Change in the Republic of South Africa. We extend a warm invitation to all South African citizens aged 16 to 35 who align with the progressive policies and values of the Peoples Movement for Change. By becoming a member, you gain the opportunity to actively engage in the activities, projects, and campaigns of PMC Youth Command.

Our mission at PMC Youth Command is multifaceted, with a focus on:

(1) Uniting the youth of South Africa in unwavering support of the Peoples Movement for Change, positioning the PMC as a leading force in government dedicated to improving the lives of ordinary South Africans.

(2) Advocating for and championing the causes and concerns of the young people of South Africa.

(3) Serving as a resounding voice for the youth who may otherwise go unheard.

(4) Standing as staunch defenders of democracy and the principles it represents.

(5) Ensuring that young South Africans actively participate in critical government roles.

(6) Paving the way for young South Africans to embark on entrepreneurial journeys and assume leadership positions within the private sector.

Join hands with PMC Youth Command and be part of the journey to empower, transform, and build a stronger, more inclusive South Africa for everyone. Together, we can create positive change and a brighter future for our nation.

PMC Youth Command